Cultivating community through passion and relationships.

Although helping women become and stay healthy, happy, and strong is our main focus at Downtown Fitness for Women. Reaching out beyond our gym walls to help members and their families in need is always one of our goals.

We also love the opportunity to extend our assistance out to the local community. We have been involved in many different types of community outreach:

Red Cross Cycling Marathon Fundraiser: This event put on to benefit the local Red Cross raised over $2000.00. Many members of the community showed their support by donating their time and energy cycling in teams for 6 hours. Cycling instructors volunteered their time to lead each hour of the marathon. Staff also volunteered their time to be here to make sure everything ran smoothly.

Boston Children’s Hospital: We also hosted a cycling marathon to benefit Boston Children’s Hospital. This charity hits close to home as BCH has been involved in the care of one of our instructor’s children dealing with a heart condition. We raised $2000.00 to be donated in the name of our special child.

The Biggest Loser Contest: We enjoy offering creative and fun ways for members to become motivated to reach their goals. The Biggest Loser Contest gives members the opportunity to motivate each other through teamwork! Three teams compete to lose the most weight and inches. Each season has brought more success and longer lasting results.

Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention: Downtown Fitness has sponsored families in need at Christmas every year since 2004. These are families who for different reasons have had to leave their homes. We receive a list of gifts requested and our staff and members choose to buy one or more items from the list. The thank you letters we get back make it a more than worthwhile endeavor.

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