Monday:       8:30-11:00am & 3:30-7:00pm

Tuesday:      8:30-11:00am & 3:30-7:00pm

Wednesday: 8:30-11:00am & 3:30-7:00pm

Thursday:    8:30-11:00am & 3:30-7:00pm

Friday:         8:30-11:00am & 3:30-7:00pm

Saturday:    8:30-11:30am

Sunday:        NO CHILD CARE

Child Care Hours

1. Parents must sign a waiver before they leave their child/children in our care for the first time and must sign them in/out each time.Childcare hours

2. We do not have an age limit for childcare but please be aware that the room is not designed for older children. There is a (2) two hour limit per child during all shifts.

3. If your child expresses excessive behavior in our care we will ask you to remove him/her (i.e., biting, hitting, excessive crying, etc.)

4. Diaper changes are the responsibility of the mother. Instructors/subcontractors need to either give permission for the sitters to diaper their child or find alternate care.

5. If a child is not well enough to attend school, they are not well enough to be here. Please be considerate of others.

6. The child care service is for DTF members and staff only. Additional children not belonging to you will be cared for a $3.00 charge. Please note that even if the additional child’s mother is a member, if she is not in the building this rule also applies.

7. MEMBERS ARE REQUIRED TO REMAIN ON THE PREMISES OF Downtown Fitness while their children are in the childcare room. The exception to this being if you are running for cardio and have checked your child in with us, have left your vehicle on the premises and are reachable at all times while they are in our care. Anyone abusing this service will have their child care privileges revoked immediately.

8. Please call first if the weather is bad to see if child care is open. This also applies if school is cancelled or delayed.

9. Downtown Fitness is a nut free facility to protect all of our children with nut allergies. Please do not bring any snacks containing nuts into the room. Children must be seated while eating.

10.Please do not allow your child to bring outside toys into the room. If they do, and they are not willing to share the toy it may be put up on shelf until they leave. It will be the responsibility of the parent to make sure they take the toy home with them. Please refrain from bringing toys with small parts that may pose a choking hazard.

Welcome to the child care!

Child care policies

Childcare Staff
I'm a native to Keene and have been a member at this gym for 13 years. 
I spend my days with 3-5 year olds who show me how to stay young and fun. Then usually adult afterwards trying to undue some of the things aging does to us, here at the gym. Afterwards I can often be found working in childcare or at the desk.
My spare time is usually spent being mobbed by my furry kids or creating art. I have come to be known as the resident artist at Downtown Fitness.

Joleen T.

Childcare Staff
Hi, my name is Christine Driscoll I like to be called Chris. I hail from Scotland but have been in the States for nearly 23 years now. I have 3 grownup children and 6 grandchildren. I love to work out and know from when my kids were small the trouble of finding someone to look after them to let me go too a gym so I am glad to have been offered the position in the childcare at Downtown Fitness. 

Christine D.

Childcare Staff
I have worked at this gym since 2003. I have loved getting to know all the fabulous ladies I have met over the years. I live in Swanzey with my husband, son and two cats. I am looking forward to continuing to work here, provide awesome care for your children and teach my classes.

Penny R.

Meet Our Childcare Staff